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Quick guide and FAQ on buying Runescape gold on

1.How do I buy Runescape gold on your site?

Placing an order is quick and easy on 4mmog:
1.Enter the amount of Runescape 2007 gold or Runescape 3 gold that you want to purchase;
2.Enter your Runescape display name (RSN). In order to deliver the RS gold, please provide us with the right RSN; the gold will be delivered to this character ONLY!
3.Choose the desired payment method and check out;
4.Finish your payment.

2.How do I receive the RS gold?

The only delivery method of RS gold is the face-to-face trade in the game. Once you have submitted an order:
1.Click on the live chat to start to chat with our support representatives. You can find the live chat square in the right-hand bottom corner of the page;
2.Support representatives will provide the world and location for our face-to-face trade;
3.Please log in to the game and go to the world and location we told you about. Then, you will meet our trader in-game personally and trade with them.

3.How long does it take to receive my Runescape gold?

Most of the gold will be delivered within 1-5 minutes after we receive your order.
Sometimes due to a very high volume of RS gold orders, delivery may take longer than usual. Rest assured, we are working hard to get everything out ASAP. Thank you for your understanding.

4.What type of payment methods can I use to buy RS gold?

Anytime you want to buy OSRS gold or buy RS3 gold, you can use PayPal or a credit card/debit card as your payment method.
If you want to buy RS gold with a credit card/debit card, after clicking you will be automatically redirected to PayPal. You don't need to have a PayPal account, click "Pay with Credit or Debit Card" and a form will appear where you can input your credit card information and finish the payment.

5.Can I ask a refund?

Sure you can! Any time before the Runescape gold is delivered, you can cancel your order and a full refund will be given to you immediately.

6.Anything else?

Yes, please do not hesitate to contact us via live chat if you have any further questions or concerns about how to buy RS gold.

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What is "Runescape gold"? Runescape gold is the virtual currency of the game Runescape (which now has two big versions: OSRS, RS3). Runescape gold is also called RS gold, RS money (OSRS money), Runescape GP (RSGP/OSRS GP) and RS coin (RS coins) by different players. When you play Runescape, Runescape gold may be the most important thing for your gaming experience. More RS gold often means better weapons, better armors, and better items with which you can conquer the game.

Why do you need to buy Runescape gold? In reality, we can say that most of the gamers are always lacking in Runescape gold and play very hard to reach their aims. Can you even think of how to get more RS gold and have more fun when you are playing the game? Okay, you can go the hard way or the easy way. With the hard way, you need to gather all the gold yourself by fishing/mining/woodcutting or something like that to sell what you get, quickly power leveling and doing more fishing/mining/woodcutting. Nonetheless, we can fairly say that is very hard to get rich, and very time-consuming too. Why waste so much time before you get all the fun stuff that you really want? Thank god, now you have an easy way like many other players - you just need to buy cheap RS gold from 4mmog! The price is low, the delivery is fast, and our live chat and email customer service team are always here to help if you have any questions. With all this, you can get your gold and go back to the game in minutes, after that, you will see how it is the most efficient way to enjoy the game! is your best choice when you want to buy Runescape gold; we are real players that have more than ten years’ experience in RS gold trading. When we began our business, our site had accounts, powerleveling service and cheap OSRS gold for sale. Thousands of customers are always completely satisfied and safe when they buy old school Runescape gold/RS07 gold or any other service from us. is one of our newly designed sites that provides a better service to our dear customers. We always have a large amount of OSRS gold or Runescape 3 gold in our stock, thus guaranteeing fast delivery. Most of the gold will be delivered within 1-5 minutes. We provide the cheapest Runescape gold; charging for the time it took us to acquire the in-game Runescape currency. We are monitoring the whole Runescape market's prices and rates, according to which we adjust our price constantly. This makes us provide a reasonable price, and you do not need to do it by yourself. We use PayPal (the undisputed leader in online payments) as our main payment method. This makes sure that every payment from our dear customers stays secure and private. At any time if you have any question, our excellent customer service team are here to help. The team is online all year round, and the team is composed of experienced players. You can contact us via live chat or email as you wish; we will do our best to serve you. If you are looking the best place to buy Runescape gold, you’ve come to the right place, buy Runescape 07 gold or RS3 gold today and enjoy the game even more!

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