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Quick guide and FAQ on buying Runescape gold on

1.How to buy the RUNESCAPE gold you need on 4MMOG?

1. You need to confirm the type of RUNESCAPE gold you need to purchase, whether it is RS3 or rs07 (OSRS).
2. Enter the amount you need (how many M) in the corresponding place.
3. Enter your game name, the name displayed in the game (RSN), be sure to enter the correct RSN, our staff will only hand over the gold to the corresponding RSN player.
4. Choose your payment method, PAYPAY or G2APAY
5. Payment completed order

2.How long after the order is completed, you can receive RS gold, how to trade?

1. Click on the live chat dialog inside the webpage after you submit the order.
2. Tell our staff that you have completed the order
3. When our staff confirms the order, we will check the trading location and trading role with you.
4. Enter the game, we will complete the RS gold transaction with you face to face

3.If you find an error after placing an order, can you refund it?

This is, of course, possible, and before our staff can complete a face-to-face transaction with you, you can choose to cancel the order and we will give you a refund.

6.Anything else?

Yes, if you have a lot of other questions, you can open the live chat button inside the web page to consult.

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