Runescape More Popular Than Jessica Alba

  • Date: 2018-07-20
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Yahoo! has published their list of the most searched terms of 2008, and popular free MMO Runescape has actually made the cut, coming in at number 5, beating out Naruto, Jessica Alba, and Lindsay Lohan.

So how does Runescape snag top honors? One need only look at the remainder of the list to understand that a special cross-section of the populace is using Yahoo! to search the web. Half of the list reads like the front of a supermarket tabloid, with Angelina Jolie, Lohan, Alba, Miley Cyrus, and this year's number 1 search - Britney Spears. Number 2 on the list is the WWE. Of the whole list, the only two that really make sense are Barack Obama and Naruto, two characters I never thought I'd have to mention in the same sentence.

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What does this say about Runescape players? I'm not going to speculate, as there are a lot more of them than there are of me.

Top 10 Searches for 2008 [Yahoo! - Thanks Alan]