The Internet Is Losing It Over A Triple J Caller’s Incredible RuneScape Story

  • Date: 2018-07-18
  • Views: 415

The triple j call and text line is, usually, a pretty bloody mixed bag. Most of the time, it’s full of people calling Dr. Karl to settle a bet they have with their mates about farts, or desperately asking for a free ticket to Splendour in the Grass. Standard music radio stuff.

But occasionally, a caller makes it onto the air with a tale that is so glorious, sowondrous and so stupid-it-has-to-be-true that it completely floors the hosts and listeners alike.

Enter Cam from Revesby.

A couple of weeks ago, arvo Drive hosts Gen and Lewis and guest Jess Perkins were working through their regular Dog Act segment — when listeners ring in to discuss various dog acts that they have dealt with over the years, or ones they have dealt themselves.


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Good old Cam rings to in discuss an act of betrayal that he endured when he was playing the online multiplayer game RuneScape about 10 years ago. Cam was apparently killing some goblins in the town of Lumbridge when another player (username: lil_dudey69) walked up to Cam and asked whether he could trim his bronze armour.

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But the kindness was a “classic stitch-up”: lil_dudey69 vanished to another RuneScape province with Cam’s shiny armour…the ultimate in internet dog acts (or so I’m lead to believe). But then came a twist — Cam revealed that he adopted the dog act method himself, and began stealing other user’s armour.

Gen and Lewis didn’t really understand the magnitude of Cam’s betrayal (they spent most of the segment trying to stifle their laughter) but the triple j text line sure did, and it lit up with people earnestly sharing their own RuneScape dog act stories, as well as people generally just losing their shit at the ridiculousness of it all:


Source: triple j Drive

It wasn’t long before the overseas RuneScape fandom got ahold of the segment. An industrious YouTube user put together an animated video of the entire discussion, and a few days ago it hit a RuneScape subreddit and went bananas.

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There have been many entertaining triple j calls over the years, but we’re calling it: this is the best one ever.

Listen to the full Dog Act discussion below.