Six exciting ways to play RuneScape buy rsgp

  • Date: 2018-09-06
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What is there to do in RuneScape? Let’s say you’ve been playing the MMORPG for a while now but are unsure of what to do next. Where do you go? What’s worth putting your time into? Don’t worry, we’re here to give you some pointers – there are plenty of challenges and activities you probably haven’t tried yet. In fact, there’s enough to do in RuneScape that you may not have even heard about some of the adventures you could occupy your time with.

Firstly, if you haven’t got yourself a RuneScape membership yet, then for heaven runescape buy gold   ’s sake why not? Becoming a member gives you access to all the content in both RuneScape and Old School RuneScape, including all the available quests and skills. It also includes a 10% discount at Solomon’s Shop, where you can buy a range of pets, costumes, and other items. It costs $10.99/£6.99 for a month’s membership, but you can save a little money by paying $29.99/£18.99 for three months. If you want to try before you buy, there’s currently an one month free going with a Twitch Prime membership.


Quests are by far the best way to spend your time in RuneScape and there are a variety of series to choose from depending on your favourite genre. If you like classic fantasy then the Temple Knights is for you. If you prefer gothic horror, the Myreque series is perfect as it follows the fight to free Morytania from its vampyric overlord. Or, maybe you’re just really worried about what the penguins are plotting – yeah, in RuneScape Pingu’s brethren have a darker edge.

Each quest has its own challenge, be it a boss fight or a complex puzzle, and rewards can include high-level equipment, skill experience, and access to new locations. Some quests, like the Heroes’ Quest, include multiplayer elements where you have to team up with another player to reach certain items. Take it from us, if you think you’ve done all the questing in RuneScape there is to do, you’re probably very wrong – so get out there and hunt down those stories.


From Lumbridge to Fremennik, each major location has its own set of themed tasks. The purpose of these is to teach you more about the location and its lore. Tasks are divided into five-difficulty levels: beginner, easy, medium, hard, and elite.

This means tasks cover a range of skill levels and that prevents you from completing them all in one afternoon. A task can be anything from buying a farming amulet in Port Sarim to figuring out which quests you need to complete to fill the empty exhibits of the Varrock Museum.

Rewards for completing a set of achievements include shop discounts and special pieces of armour or clothing.


Skilling is one of the most rewarding activities in RuneScape as each new level gives you access to new abilities and equipment. There are also a variety of guilds you can join depending on your skill level. The easiest to join is the Thieves Guild, which only requires level five in thieving, but the ultimate goal is to join the Max Guild, which requires you have level 99 in every single skill. That’ll keep you occupied for a long time.

If you want more of a cosmetic reward then working towards a Cape of Accomplishment is an excellent goal. Upon reaching level 99 in any skill, you’ll be able to buy a cape to celebrate the achievement. There are also special Elite Capes that require you to achieve level 99 in a group of skills. The Gatherer’s Cape, for example, requires level 99 in divination, farming, fishing, hunter, mining, and woodcutting.


There is a great range of minigames in RuneScape that offer a variety of rewards when you master them. There are two main categories for these: combat and non-combat, which can be further divided into safe and non-safe. In safe minigames you keep all your items upon your death, while in non-safe you’ll lose all of them. Yep, they’re for the brave (or confident) only.

The classic safe combat game, Castle Wars, has two sides trying to capture a flag and return it to their keep. It is one of the most popular PvP minigames as winning requires tight knit teamwork, which makes it highly competitive. But it’s also a great way to make new friends.

Another activity you should try is the skilled-based game Mage Training Arena. It’s technically four separate minigames, and each of them will have you using a variety of spells to solve their puzzles. Want a different kind of challenge? The minigames are where you need to be focusing your attention.


Getting a little bored of fighting monsters? Looking for a more challenging and unpredictable, fight? PvP is what you are need. You can engage in PvP in a variety of the minigames, like Duel Arena, but the best way to enjoy PvP is by travelling north of Edgeville and Varrock into the Wilderness.

Who you can attack is determined by the Wilderness level, which ranges from one to 57, and is both added and subtracted to your combat level to determine the range of players you’ll meet. A level 50 player in level 10 Wilderness, for example, can attack any other player whose combat level is between 40 to 60.

Attacking another player will ‘Skull’ you, meaning a white skull will appear above your avatar’s head and will stay there for ten minutes, unless you attack another player. Dying in the Wildness will cause you to lose all but your top three most valuable items.   runescape gold for sale  Dying while ‘Skulled’, however, will cause you to lose all your items.

PvP is a great way to earn high-level items and prestige in the RuneScape community – if you think it’s worth the risk.


If you haven’t joined a RuneScape clan yet then you are missing out on the social side of RuneScape. The best way to join a clan is through the forums as there are dedicated boards for both Old School RuneScape Clans and RuneScape Clans.

RuneScape has a board purely for ‘Looking for a Clan’ where you can create a thread to describe what kind of clan you are looking for. There are also dedicated boards for clans to post recruitment adverts on and these are divided depending on what activities they partake in.

The current available recruitment boards include clans specifying in skilling, socialising, players with a combat level over 100, players who are under level 100, and specialist clans, which focus on questing, minigames, or anything else. Take the time to find your perfect clan and you’ll soon have a new circle of friends.

You should now have plenty of ideas to expand your RuneScape adventure. Choose the pursuit that best suits your interests and you’ll quickly find that the hours you spend in the game will fly by once again. And remember, you can test drive full membership with the RuneScape Twitch Prime bundle. Now go and search out your next adventure.