Knoros wow server changes to address the current PvP issues

  • Date: 2018-07-29
  • Views: 1787

Dear Kronos community,

First and foremost, many of you who are ranking at level 60 have expressed concerns over having to compete with lower level players. In order to address this, we are reducing the honor gained by lower level players (under level 60) when killing another player by 50%, both out in the world and inside battlegrounds, effective June 20th. The reason for this change is to acknowledge the imbalance that players in the level 60 brackets experience against those in the lower level brackets, who due to faction imbalances have much shorter battleground queue times.

This change will be revisited at a later date once things stabilize.  

Secondly, all PvP item rewards will be upgraded to their respective 1.12.1 patch stats and the currently unavailable items will now be available as well, effective June 27th. The reason for this change kronos buy gold is to further encourage people to join in on the ranking and further alleviate the queue time issues.

Third, due to numerous complaints about losing battleground queue due to disconnecting, we are extending the grace period from 20 seconds to 2 minutes while out of combat, effective June 20th.

Lastly, we would also like to take the time to address the feedback we have received regarding the ‘.join’ battleground command, which lets players queue for battlegrounds while out in the world.

Many of you have expressed concerns about perceived increases in world PvP activities such as corpse-camping, flight master, quest-giver and generally higher level area ganking. Please note that all of these things are regular PvP realm occurrences and are not covered by us under any form of ‘griefing’ or ‘harassment’ rules.
The solution to these issues is still down to you, the players. You can always call for help, organize counter-ganking groups, find another area or take a break.

Removing the command will not stop these things from happening or make your time in contested areas more comfortable. The underlying issue is battleground queue times, which we hope to address by these changes.

In short: Max level PvPers will go out in the world and do these things if the queue times are long, command or no command.

Thank you for all for your patience, we hope that you will enjoy your time in Azeroth!