• Date: 2018-09-07
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Jonathan took the severe-looking Malacath head statue from ESO’s in-game furnishings and turned it into something wonderful and bizarre with his Malacath Makeover contest. Learn all about it in our latest Community Spotlight!

Tell us about your Malacath Makeover contest. What were the rules and categories?

The Malacath Makeover contest was all about taking the “Orsinium Statue, Head” luxury furnishing and giving ol’ Malacath a new look using the Housing Editor.

There were not many rules laid out--one great thing about the housing community in ESO is that you can generally trust people to do well without a big list of “don’ts”. The only big thing was that contestants were to be scored only on the embellished head and not for making him a body.

Based on feedback from the community, the following categories were created to encourage a variety of fun builds:

  • Craziest hairdo

  • Most terrifying

  • Goofiest

  • Least Malacathy

  • Best facial hair

  • Most creative

What inspired you to run such a wonderfully weird competition with your ESO community?

As a Guild Leader, I’m always looking for fun potential events that can involve a lot of people. Stormahawk, my co-Guild Leader and IRL girlfriend, had been showing off her Pariah’s Pinnacle home, which was aptly full of orc-themed furnishings, including the elder scrolls online gold“Orsinium Statue, Head” from the luxury furnisher. She had placed glowstalks and crystals on the Malacath head to give him a fun hairdo, and that made me wonder about what all else people could do with the giant statue head as a canvas.

Malacath is the Daedric Prince of outsiders and is closely associated with Tamriel’s Orcs. Were you concerned about angering the powerful god and his followers by running this competition?

Absolutely. Malacath is notoriously vindictive, so I wouldn’t want to receive his ire. Some of his followers don’t like “beautiful people”, so beauty-ing up Malacath could be considered quite dangerous. Rest assured that no matter what Malacath might have be prettied up with, he was still ugly on the inside.

Best Facial Hair and Most Terrifying Winners

How did your ESO community react to the competition?


I was impressed by the variety of styles and techniques displayed. There were so many fun heads that it is hard to choose a favorite. I think the best execution was JusticePlague’s entry for a sea-themed “Aquaman”. The build had great lighting, meticulous item    placement, and clever use of facial hair to transform him from an intimidating look to a stoic look. My favorite surprise was seeing starfish stuck onto the back of the head as well--accentuating the theme.

Goofiest & Craziest Hairdo Winners

What other Daedric Princes do you think could do with a makeover?

Most of the Daedric Princes are already quite stylish, though Molag Bal’s look is a bit lacking, and the horns would be just great for adornments! Hermaeus Mora also strikes me as one that should sport a fancy hat or wield fun furnishings with his tentacles.

How long have you been playing ESO? Do you have a favorite character you enjoy playing the most?

I have been playing ESO since 2015, and I have logged over 300 days of game time. There is so much to explore, and Guild Traders are always full of good deals that I have to check.

My favorite character is my Nord Stamina Templar, who has managed to complete most of the veteran content and can be quite supportive in PvP. However, with a fancy golden Minotaur helmet, I mostly just moo at locals and emote /bullhorns at them. I like to think the cow helmet I wear symbolizes my bullishness on the in-game economy.

Least Malacathy & Most Creative Winners

Is the Housing Editor and Homestead system a big part of your daily ESO experience?

Yes, I am a big housing buff! I have learned all but a handful of the furnishing plans, and I also collect unique furnishings off the guild traders. What I’m going to do with 500+ trout is still a mystery though. A big reason I was able to have this Malacath Makeover contest was that I had previously purchased many heads last October when they were available for a weekend from Zanil Theran, the luxury furnisher.

The Housing Editor is an amazing tool. Not only can you decorate a home to match your style or to fill out a place to how you might actually imagine living, but you can also combine items to make whole new fun and creative builds.

Do you think you will run more fun competitions in the future?

Yes! I am currently putting together details on a housing competition in honor of the Wolhunter release. The theme would be Build-A-Hircine using the “Deer Head, Wall Mount” furnishing as the head, and then letting people create whatever sort of body, so    a different take on the challenge where it’s building the body instead of decorating the head. The judging for that will be streamed Friday, September 7 at 9:00PM EDT. I also have many more plans to use some of my stores of rare furnishings.

Every Friday night I also hold the Live Luxury Showdown where I buy many of latest luxury furnishings and stream a quick-build contest using them. It’s a fun contest that gets the creative juices flowing and is intended to give people some housing inspiration.

Where can the ESO community find you and the events or competitions you run?

The best way to find me is by following me on Twitch, and events will be announced on my Twitter. I also have many screenshots and videos of contests up on my Spicy Economics guild website, and people can also subscribe to me on YouTube.

For anyone on PC/Mac NA, they can reach out to me in-game @JHartEllis to become a guild member of Spicy Life, which will be holding more events like this.

A huge thank you to Jonathan for sharing his hilarious competition with us. We can’t wait to see what’s next! (Assuming Malacath allows it.) Don’t hesitate to follow Jonathan via the above channels for more.

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